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The company is widely recognized in the field of legal services in Romania and, in particular, in Oradea, but has represented and successfully represents entities from the European Union and beyond, enjoying the appreciation of many clients in Hungary, Germany, UK, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Canada and the United States of America.
The company was founded in 2005, when attorney at law Ovidiu Bot, a member of the Bihor Bar since 1981, with a high qualification and vast experience in litigation, civil, administrative, fiscal and commercial law, was joined by attorney at law Dan Cristian Vîlceanu, member of the Bihor Bar since 2005, specialized mainly in matters of corporate law, tax law and insolvency.
In 2010, the Company developed by co-opting a new member, attorney at law Dragoş Ieran, member of the Bihor Bar since 2003, thus considerably expanding the area of practice, especially in terms of criminal law, civil law, forced execution law and of abusive clauses.
Since then, the Company has become an important player on the profile market in Oradea, acquiring a solid portfolio of notable projects and clients from all business fields.
In 2017, a new member joined the team, attorney at law Horaţiu Adrian Rus, member of the Bucharest Bar since 2014 and insolvency practitioner since 2020, specializing in contracting law, insolvency, data protection, real estate and construction law, which he previously worked for a prestigious law firm in Bucharest.
The company is therefore structured as a work team focused on specific areas of practice, composed of experienced lawyers who are involved to provide the necessary legal assistance involving complex and multifaceted issues, under the coordination of attorney at law Ovidiu Bot, responsible for the overall supervision of legal works.
Over the years, the Company has represented national and international clients in all types of legal issues and thus gained an intact reputation through specialization, efficiency and professional ethics, gaining applied and in-depth knowledge of the relevant legal framework and practicalities covering all areas of interest of any investment or investor.
The company is proud of its portfolio, consisting of high-ranking clients, including international and national companies, both public and private, which operate mainly in trade and industry, as well as private investors and public administration entities.
We have also developed the necessary experience to be able to work in a team with our client, so that the common goal is achieved as efficiently as possible. Our customer orientation and innovative, creative approach have helped us set an example in solving complex legal issues, encountered in a complicated and sometimes unstable legal environment.
Our goal is to provide our client with legal counselling and assistance to the highest standards of competence and integrity. All our attorneys at law are fluent in English, while some have the ability to interact fluently, both in Hungarian and Italian.
We confirm that the Company is available and willing to cooperate with you, our policy being to provide legal assistance at the highest level, streamlining costs, assigning to each mandate entrusted by the client a team of experienced lawyers, whose skills are the most appropriate for each case.

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